Q & A
Q. How you measure glucose without drawing blood?
A. Our measurement method is based on metabolic heat conformation (MHC), you may see the patent and other related scientific testing and reporting documents on the Documents page.  This system consists of two temperature sensors, one humidity sensors, 4 four-wavelengths sensors and one sensor rod composed of 16 sensors. Glucose level can be deduced from the quantity of heat dissipation, blood flow rate of local tissue and degree of blood oxygen saturation.

Three major forms of heat dissipation of human body are radiation, convection and evaporation. Overall, radiation heat and convection heat can be calculated by environment temperature and radiation temperature; evaporation heat can be calculated by environment humidity and finger surface humidity.

Integrate total 23 sensors for signal collection, input and simulation, a processing circuit for signal conversion and amplification, a microprocessor to calculate the value of parameters (blood glucose concentration, oxygen saturation, hemoglobin concentration, blood flow volume, pulse, ambient temperature and humidity, and shell temperature and humidity) through finger conductor displays final result. In addition to MHC, we also combine photoelectric method, big data, statistic and mathematics. Therefore, collected data is more accurate than other products. Besides, users' physiological data is inserted prior to the test. He/She uses his/her own diabetic parameters measured from hospital as personal parameters. Thus, race of the user is irrelevant, and will not affect the accuracy of the test result.

Q. How about accuracy?
A. Compared to a hospital-grade biochemistry analyzer, our similarity is 88.4% which is higher than traditional glucose meter's 85% and non-invasive standard 80%..

Q. How does the Gluco Tablet operate?
A. It's easy. Just insert any one finger into finger clip sensor and wait for 60 seconds, testing result will show up on screen.  Please refer to the videos.

Q. Is it only for diabetics?
A. Everyone can use it to check his/her glucose status.  The user can test many times each day to cearly understand their glucose change trend and control their glucose well by adjusting meal and exercise habits.

Q. Why I need to input personal data?
A. This measurement is based on different age, gender, height, weight, and healthy condition to compensate final result.  To obtain reliable readings, it is a must to test based on correct personal indexes.  That's why it requires a user to set up an account with personal information.  It makes the test results closely reflect each user's actual parameters.

Q. Does the Gluco Tablet allow 9 users?
A. Yes, the Gluco Tablet supports 9 user accounts.  All detection records of these 9 accounts will be reserved for tracking.  If a 10th person wants to use it, he/she needs to delete one account then add his/her account, maintaining maximum account of 9. Deleted account info will be deleted also.  Only existing account info will be maintained in the database.

Q. What is the difference between Gluco Genius and Gluco Tablet?
A. The Gluco Tablet supports 9 users, Wi-Fi supportive, 9.7" tablet with finger clip sensor.
The Gluco Genius is the portable version, v3.0/4.0 Bluetooth surpportive, testing results shown on your Smartphone, the sensor is on the Gluco Genius itself.

Q. Am I required to calibrate the devices?
A. Their product chip will be calibrated before shipment so there is no need for user to do calibration.

Q. How many languages present now?
A. Current available version is in English, Traditional Chinese and Simple Chinese.  If customer has special requirement, please feel free to contact us.

Q. Can I judge if I am a diabetic from testing?
A. This testing is just for reference.  It cannot replace a physician's evaluation.  If you are seeking medical advice, you must still consult a physician for a professional diagnosis.

Q. Does the monitors really not use any consumables?
A. Yes, both devices do not use any consumable.  No need of strips or lancets.

Q. Do you have any guarantee?
A. Yes, we provide one year warranty.

Q. Were can I buy this product?
A. You can purchase them securely here online